JFK Airport - Terminal 4, Room 461.037, Jamaica, NY 11430
(718) 656-5044

For the Traveler

The International Synagogue
  • Religious services

    Our beautiful synagogue arranges services for travelers departing and arriving, as well as airport personnel and visitors. Contact Rabbi Ari Korenblit for particulars.

  • Meeting/resting place

    Both the chapel and conference room are available for informal or formal gatherings. The chapel is a quiet, relaxing space for spending time waiting for a flight, in between flights, and while waiting for arriving or departing travelers. Amidst the tumult of a major transportation hub, it is a veritable oasis; perfect for prayer, meditation and reflection. The synagogue library contains a variety of Seforim (religious texts,) and Judaica in Hebrew and English.

  • Holiday celebrations

    Fun and exciting activities are scheduled for important Jewish holidays like Channukah and Purim.

  • Mourner services

    Our staff attends to mourners as grieving families await a coffin’s transport for burial in Israel.

  • Torah study classes

  • Resource for Halachah of Jewish travel

    Provide online information to help you through your journeys.

  • Rabbinic counseling

    Rabbi Korenblit provides counseling for travelers in grief due to a loss; for parents parting with children making Aliyah, or departing for a year’s study or summer camp in Israel. Rabbi Korenblit is available to assist with all airport and travel emergencies.


The Chapel is open daily

Monday - Sunday: 5:00AM - 11:00PM

To Arrange Prayer Services

Please contact the Chaplain